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How it works

SunCooler: The ideal solution for cold storage

Cheap and sustainable cooling on the spot

The SunCooler (patented) offers you the possibility to cool (or freeze) any product using only the sun as an energy source. This creates the possibility to cool cheaply,  and on the spot(no transportation to cooling facility). The ideal solution for static storage.

Nature forces all farmers to harvest at about the same time. This forces them to sell their products quickly, if there is no possibility for cooling. Therefore prices are relatively low and often many products turn bad. This not only limits food availability but also risks food security and food safety.
The availability of a SunCooler contributes in many ways and makes life easier. No hassle with diesel, generators, noise and logistic issues.

Smart Cooling

The SunCooler has a unique smart system that enables the Solar panels to generate enough power to start up the compressor (overcome starting current). Therefore no expensive battery pack and generator is needed. The Solar panels itself give shade, therefore minimizing direct sun radiation onto the operating unit.

During the day the stored product is cooled to a level at which the cooled product itself functions as a cold buffer to overcome the night time period. The temperature drop during the night is max 2 C. And if the SunCooler is stored with less products, we also have a smart, cost free, solution for that.

Technical Facts:

Basic elements with a solid track record
About 50m3 of space inside the SunCooler can be used to store and cool your products. According tot your wishes, products can be stored in bulk, or on shelving units. To secure accurate operation, the temperature and generated solar power can be controlled remotely from your mobile or computer.

A robust and well known cooling unit/ carrier reefer is the basis of our SunCooler.
Next to that, we added our smart cooling system and some other smart improvements like:

  • An insulated 2-way entrance that secures easy access and minimizes cooled air escaping from the unit
  • Plastic flaps in the entrance to protect from even more cold air escaping the unit
  • A sensor that switches on the light when it detects movement.

Worldwide fast backup for parts, maintenance or repairs
The cooling unit we use is a proven and well-known unit (Carrier reefer). All over the world this reefer has a solid track record. Parts and specialists of the units are widely available around the globe to secure quick back-up in case of maintenance or repairs.

Return on investment less than 4 years

The main reason to invest in a Suncooler is to minimize your operational expenses (OPEX). Cooling with a SunCooler can be compared with a cooling unit running on a diesel generator. Assuming this generator is running 12 hours a day and uses 2,5 literes diesel an hour at the costs of diesel at €0,90/liter, your return on investment is less than 4 years. This comparison is made carefully. The additional benefits are not even incorperated in this equation proving the SunCooler is a very interesting investment.

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Cooling or Freezing

The SunCooler reaches temperatures of -15C to 15C. This enables you to freeze products like fish and meat or cool products like fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs or medicines. Each SunCooler has a dedicated walking door on the side of the unit. Therefore there is nog need to open the big main backdoors every time you need to products inside or take them out. The door is covered with plastic flaps to keep the cold inside when the door is opened.

SunCooler Twin: Cooling ánd Freezing

SunCooler also offers you the possibility to use 2 units under 1 solar roof. 1 unit can be used for cooling and the other for freezing for example. This enables you to freeze for example fish and meat at about -15C and meanwhile cool fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs or medicines at about 4 C.

A smart system knows and detects which unit needs the solar power most and feeds that unit. Once the required temperature is reached it automatically switches over to the other unit to maintain secured storage of your valuable products.


The sales price depends on:

  • off-grid or on-grid model
  • whether you choose a brand-new or a refurbished cooling unit
  • exact location / number of solar panels to be installed
  • with or without shelves



SunCooler at your location?

Send us your details and we will give you advice about the possibilities

SunCooler at your location?

If you are located in a rather sunny area, we can investigate the solar radiation on your location and give you an advise about the SunCooler possibilities. The exact opportunities for you to cool using a Suncooler mainly depend on your products and your location. If budget is an issue, we could manufacture your SunCooler with refurbished items.  Please be assured that our panels and inverters are always A-brands, even with a refurbished SunCooler.

We manufacture the panel-carrying frame and -supports ourselves (galvanized steel) and use a smart way to connect this onto the reefer twist-locks (patent pending). The SunCooler is easy to assemble and easy to operate. Installation will normally take about 2 days, after which you can start cooling immediately.

You can do the installation yourself, with the help of our installation manual and verbal remote guidance, or we can do the job for you. In that case you hire a Suncooler team.

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