Cold storage on the spot!

Keep your perishables fresh and salable longer

Cool and store your valuable products in a cheap and sustainable way

The SunCooler (patented) is a mobile cooling device that cools your fruit, vegetables, meat fish, dairy and medicines on the spot in a cheap, sound and sustainable way. There is no need for fuel, a generator, a grid connection or batteries. The sun is the one and only source of energy.

According to recent predictions the world population will increase to 9,7 billion people in 2050. This means 200,000 more mouths to feed on a daily basis. And due to increased wellfare in many countries, the demand for rice, cassava and potatoes is more and more replaced by more luxury food products like dairy, meat and fish. Products that need to be cooled.

Amongst others, the SunCooler has been developed for:

Farms | Food traders | Nurseries | Slaugtherhouses | Fisheries & aquaculture | Livestock producers | Health care providers | Schools | Safari resorts | Ngo’s | Aid agencies

Selling fresh products over a longer period of time

Nature forces all farmers to harvest at about the same time. If there is no possibility for cooling, products need to be sold quickly before they perish. Due to high quantities of food offered, prices are relatively low. This not only limits food availability, but also risks food security and food safety.

The availability of a SunCooler contributes in many ways to make your business more manageable, enhance your sales window and optimize your selling prices. SunCooler enables producers to store their valuable products in a cheap and sustainable way without the need for fuel or a grid.

No grid, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week cool on solar energy only

The Suncooler works completely standalone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, entirely on solar energy. Your products always stay cool, even at night. You do not need electricity of diesel fuel, a generator, a grid connection or even batteries or even batteries.

Surplus of Solar energy

The SunCooler even generates surplus electricity. Once the SunCooler has reached the required temperature, it continues to generate power. Power you can use for complementary businesses, a water pump or a charging station. And, if connected to a grid, you can earn some extra cash by feeding the power back.

Upscaling is easy

It is possible to install a second, parallel SunCooler under the same solar PV roof without increasing the number of solar panels. In any situation the PV roof functions as a shade to minimize direct heating of the unit by the sun.

Refrigerating and freezing at the same time

Another possibility is the SunCooler Twin. This version makes it possible to refrigerate and freeze at the same time. With this set up, you get one refrigerating and one freezing unit under the solar PV together.

Up and running in 2 days

The SunCooler can be ready for usage in only 2 days once arrived on the spot. It is easy to install and to remove if necessary.

Minimal operational costs & efficient logistics

SunCooler is a unique product of its own

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Easier logistics

Cooling your products directly where they are produced, saves transportation to warehouses and enables you to sell directly tot local customers. It also enables you to temporarily store and cool your products until you have the volume available to load a full truckload for further transportation. In addition, you have no hassle with logistics for fuel, maintenance or spare parts you would have when using a generator.

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Selling fresh products over a longer period of time

Due to weather conditions farmers usually harvest fruits and vegetables at the same time, causing them to enter the market in bulk lowering sales prices and risking decay of produce before sale. Keeping your products cool after harvesting helps maintain their quality. This makes it possible to sell at a later time, when prices are higher. This way you can maintain your margin at a reasonable level.


Secured operation

The SunCooler storage container (reefer) is a globally well-known, reliable A-brand. It is comparable to the characteristics of the Toyota Landcruiser which is often used in remote areas. It is robust and reliable.
We chose the optimal combination of reliability, strength, and energy efficiency. Parts and maintenance are available throughout all major ports around the world. Because the SunCooler has a minimum of rotating parts, we can assure its sound operation. If a problem arises, we can assist in solving this together via the remote control unit.

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Secures food availability and food security

Because your products are stored in cooled and dark conditions, bacteria and fungi have less change to grow and destroy your products and threaten consumer’s health. Food safety is an important issue, especially for vulnerable products like meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Because the products are stored under conditioned circumstances, they have less chance to perish. They are available for consumption for a longer period of time. This contributes to food availability and safety, which is an important issue in many remote areas.

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Suitable locations

If you are located in a reasonably sunny area, we can investigate the solar radiation on your location and give advice about your SunCooler possibilities. Your opportunities for cooling using a SunCooler mainly depend on your products and location. The SunCooler can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Only high quality components

SunCooler a unique product of its own


The cooling system does not need any fuel for power. So no expensive and polluting diesel is needed. This saves a lot of money. No hassle with logistics to organize fuel in time and no flammable products to be stored.


The SunCooler does not need to store its energy for the night. We have a smart solution without batteries. Therefore expensive and voluminous battery packs with a limited lifetime are not necessary.


The SunCooler works stand-alone and is not dependent on an existing the grid. So, there is no grid no required to operate a SunCooler. Remote areas profit form this. If you have a grid nearby, you could choose to supply the surplus energy back to the grid and generate extra income this way.


One of the largest advantages of the Suncooler is the fact that it can operate without a generator. Besides the use of polluting diesel, a generator needs maintenance on a regular basis. Because it contains many rotating parts a generator could break down at the moment you need it the most. In addition a generator is very noisy.


An investment in a SunCooler is an investment in your CO2 footprint. No fossil fuels are burnt. The SunCooler uses only its Solar panels. With the surplus of solar power generated by the SunCooler, you can even replace other additional systems that are powered from a fossil source.

Surplus energy

Once the SunCooler has reached its desired cooling or freezing temperature, the surplus of energy can be used for several purposes. It can be used to power other units like offices, workshops, small businesses or waterpumps. Or, if there is a grid nearby, it can be supplied (back) to the grid.

SunCooler and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The SunCooler contributes to food safety and food security around the globe. In many developing countries there is no lack of food, but often a lack of developed logistics, like cooling storage. Many farmers harvest at the same time and therefore have to sell their products at the same time over a short period. This causes low selling prices and reduces food security. Static solar cooling enables farmers to sell their product over a longer period of time. This for a better price and meanwhile secures the availability of food over a longer period.

With the suncooler we can store our fruits and our products, and whenever we are going to the market we have the best fruits and products. We can sell them over a longer period of time.


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